Veronica Cecil - Actress, Author, Playright.

Author, broadcaster, playwright, actress… 

2020 Interview

Transcript below… CHILDHOOD / ACTING So you weren’t supported by your parents very much? Absolutely not, I didn’t particularly want to, but I was going to go to university and do medicine because that was a good thing to do, though my mum was determined that I was going to be a secretary. So I […]

Film & Television

After giving birth to four children I started writing for television and got regular commissions to write half hour plays for Jackanory Playhouse. They were mostly a satirical take on conventional fairy stories. I was also commissioned to script a film adaptation of a children’s book ‘My Father Sun-Sun Johnson’. I have recently written an […]


After leaving school, I got a one-way ticket to England from Africa and immediately went to drama classes. At the first lesson the guy teaching said ‘are you going to take this professionally?’ And I said ‘yes’. My parents cut me off without the proverbial penny so I not only had to earn enough to […]

Talks & Other Books

I give hour long talks to various branches of the University of the Third Age. Using a story board with photographs of the various places I have visited, I have talked about my adventures in the Congo and put them into a political and historical context. My most recent talk was in Ealing U3A about […]