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Film scripts I have recently written an original film script called ‘Orange Blossom’. It is about an old lady who is in hospital suffering from a haemorrhage. Before she dies, she needs to unburden herself and tell her only son about his true paternity. He is not only determined not to hear what his mother […]

Short Stories

The Idiot  The car screeched to a stop as it rounded the corner to the hotel. Several small boys ran across the road and away down the hillside.‘Blast you!’ shouted Albert, leaning on his horn, ‘I might have hit one of you.’But the boys were already away. Running down the hill with the idiot boy […]

Blood for our Blood

‘Blood for our Blood’ is the true story of my mother’s cousin, a brilliant young surgeon, who was stabbed to death in the Lady Reading hospital in 1932 by a hospital orderly. Although the orderly was arrested and hanged with undue haste, the true reason for the murder was never discovered. Reading through the letters […]