Welcome to my website. I am an erstwhile actor, playwright, broadcaster and recently fledged author. I've written TV plays, films, radio plays, short stories and, now, a book.

I am a mother of four children and grandmother of nine. I was born in India in the time of the Raj, moved to the then Rhodesia and went to school in South Africa. Although I have lived most of my life in England, I still use any excuse to travel - hence the books.

I have contributed to several programmes on the BBC - most of my work was for Woman's Hour.

I have also devised and broadcast features for the radio, including a acclaimed series of six scripted programmes called Letters from Abroad.

bookcover Veronica Cecil has described the Congo as “hot, claustrophobic, lawless, disturbing and beautiful”, and she conveys all these aspects in this compelling, often harrowing, memoir.

Fully in command of her subject, Cecil writes with considerable mastery, never descending into melodrama however dramatic the events which she describes. I found this a powerful and absorbing read and recommend it wholeheartedly.

This is a book which ranks alongside other such 'Heart of Darkness' books as The Poisonwood Bible and Tim Butcher’s Blood River, and will prove invaluable to anyone wishing to understand more about the situation in the Congo today.

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New short story in Piano Nobile Folio Book about the painter Cyril Mann. I was commissioned to write a short story which would evoke the feeling conjured up by Mann's painting of St. Paul's from Moor Lane.

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pakistanI have just finished a new book about the murder in 1932 of a relative - a brilliant young surgeon. It happened in Peshawar in the North West Frontier Province in the hospital where I was later to be born.

I retrace his footsteps to try and solve the murder and become aware of an even more sinister personal subplot. The book parallels the politics of the 30’s with the current state of affairs in modern Pakistan. It is in the final stages of tittupping.

man I am off to India, I hope to research background material for a sensational new novel, based on a true story.


There is another book on the way.


 I am giving a lecture for the U3A on ‘My Encounters with The Tribespeople of the Himalayas’ at the Ealing Green Church, W5 5QT at 10am on 5th March 2020

Where I variously read, perform, sweat and generally inform anyone who's there, of my new books. Please come. Guaranteed entertainment.