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Author, broadcaster, playwright, actress… 


Film scripts I have recently written an original film script called ‘Orange Blossom’. It is about an old lady who is in hospital suffering from a haemorrhage. Before she dies, she needs to unburden herself and tell her only son about his true paternity. He is not only determined not to hear what his mother […]

Short Stories

I have published short stories in Wandsworth magazine and MONK. For MONK, I published an article dealing with art and the spirit, interviewing the painters Caroline Dean and Qu Lei Lei’ The Idiot  The car screeched to a stop as it rounded the corner to the hotel. Several small boys ran across the road and […]

2020 Interview

Transcript below… CHILDHOOD / ACTING So you weren’t supported by your parents very much? Absolutely not, I didn’t particularly want to, but I was going to go to university and do medicine because that was a good thing to do, though my mum was determined that I was going to be a secretary. So I […]

Blood for our Blood

‘Blood for our Blood’ is the true story of my mother’s cousin, a brilliant young surgeon, who was stabbed to death in the Lady Reading hospital in 1932 by a hospital orderly. Although the orderly was arrested and hanged with undue haste, the true reason for the murder was never discovered. Reading through the letters […]


I began my career writing plays for radio and went on to conceive and broadcast documentaries as well as ‘packages’ for Radio 3, Radio 4 and the World Service. I travelled extensively and had the privilege of going out to South Africa when Nelson Mandela was released. I made ‘packages’ for ‘Woman’s Hour’ about the […]

Adventures in the Congo

My husband was working for a multinational company in Leopoldville (Kinshasa). I’d never been anywhere before that where there was no law and order and such dire food shortages. There wasn’t even enough proper food to feed my baby. But then we got caught up in a war, which was terrifying. We both wanted to […]

Talks & Other Books

I give hour long talks to various branches of the University of the Third Age. Using a story board with photographs of the various places I have visited, I have talked about my adventures in the Congo and put them into a political and historical context. My most recent talk was in Ealing U3A about […]