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Orange Blossom

Longlisted for Euroscript 2023 competition Alastair is summoned to his dying mother Edith’s bedside. She needs to tell him that he’s the result of a love affair in 1940s India. He, however, does not hear what she’s trying to say because he has his own dark secret which he cannot acknowledge. It has affected his […]

Film & Television

After giving birth to four children I started writing for television and got regular commissions to write half hour plays for Jackanory Playhouse. They were mostly a satirical take on conventional fairy stories. I was also commissioned to script a film adaptation of a children’s book ‘My Father Sun-Sun Johnson’. I have recently written an […]

Drums on the Night Air

‘Drums on the Night Air’ is a memoir about a year spent in the newly independent Congo in 1963 and ‘64. Patrice Lumumba, the democratically elected Prime Minister, had recently been assassinated and the country was in chaos. The palm olive plantation where we were living was close to Stanleyville, the location of Conrad’s Heart […]

Adventures in the Congo

My husband was working for a multinational company in Leopoldville (Kinshasa). I’d never been anywhere before that where there was no law and order and such dire food shortages. There wasn’t even enough proper food to feed my baby. But then we got caught up in a war, which was terrifying. We both wanted to […]